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Offerings for Men~

you can reach me by text at 404 372 5231

or email at

Email works better.

New Clients:

your first session starts with the Tantra intro.

we can do that by phone or in person.

if you are here, you can add time on the table after your Intro for the full and total experience!


Tantra Intro~ $60~ (one hour total) by phone or in person

Tantra Intro plus 60 minutes on the table (2 hours total) $200~

Tantra Intro plus 90 minutes on the table (two and a half hours total) $250~


all new clients will be vetted. this is to ensure my safety. thank you for understanding


what is included in your Tantra intro?

first, we'll check in... find out why you're here, and what you're looking for...

then, you can kick back and get comfy, and I'm going to explain everything... how it all works... i have a gift for making the airy-fairy logical and understandable. we're going to dive right in to the very core of Tantra. you will have a deep understanding of what Tantra is, how it works, and how you can begin to experience it in your body right away!

please remember that Tantra is a very ancient practice... it's still around BECAUSE it works!

Tantra is well known for reducing stress, bringing you more focus and clarity, healing ED and PE, deeply enhancing your bedroom presence, connection and ability, clearing trauma from the body, deepening your presence and connection to your truth... it is a deeply felt experience in your body. learning to become more embodied and present will be felt through all areas of your life... you will leave having a very good understanding of what Tantra is, and how to begin to apply it in your life right away.


how it works: we can schedule a phone date or in-call/outcall appointment, and go from there.

for phone dates, (Tantra Intro) i use Skype, Face Time, Zoom, WhatsApp, or just a regular phone call... your choice. you can pay via PayPal, Venmo, or CashApp.

for in-calls/outcalls ,(Tantra Intro, and possibly time on the table) we can schedule a time for you to come in. i live in Decatur GA at 285. you can pay in advance, or when you get here. For outcalls, I come to you.

to set up a phone date or in-call/outcall, just reach out via email.


this is most definitely something different~

be safe. be well...

and thank you for leaning in...

Returning clients:

hey there! i have been laying low for a while now, and am starting to see clients again. one or two a day. would love to see you again!

Straight up:

one hour $150~

75 minutes $175~

90 minutes $200~

2 hours $250~

as always, you can add prostate work, rosebud work, healing work, and everything else for free! just let me know when ya get here~ whatever we do in your session is included in the donation. same as always...

i love you~

text: 404 372 5231


email always works quicker for same day service...

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