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Offerings for Women~

the heart of my work, is helping my sisters with healing the trauma we carry in our bodies... Our belief system, our hurts and wounding, and our traumatized nervous system all play a part in how we show up in the world. getting these patterns healed so our energy can flow again is what makes us vibrant and sexy...

i am trained to offer fully clothed healing sessions, as well as healing internal yoni massage using somatic therapy techniques, mapping and deep compassion and presence. your feeling of safety here is very important, and your boundaries will always be honored. choice will always be given, every step of the way... i am sincerely invested in helping you to get in your body and open... reclaiming your voice and power, and finding your feminine core. the healing you get with a Tantra session is permanent and profound.

once we clear the old energy from our bodies, we free up our life force to flow and create. letting go of guilt, shame and trauma from our inner life allows us to become more radiant... to shine from within... and to truly love ourselves again!

we come home to our core~


$80 to $120 an hour as you can afford (sliding scale).

first session is a 2 hour minimum

i'm happy to talk with you beforehand to give you a better sense of who i am and what i do to see if this is for you... just reach out for a good time to connect~

text 404 372 5231


i have trained with Deborah Anapol and Jack Painter (Pelvic Heart Integration), Francesca Gentille, and many others in the field for over 10 years... I am also a graduate of ISTA and a graduate of the Ah! practice. i use many different modalities to offer you a safe, deep and authentic experience.

i am so passionate to share this work because of what it has allowed me in my own healing journey... #metoo

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to follow my events for women, please sign up at our FB page for women:

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