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Hey there~

Thanks for visiting… delighted you're here!

I am excited to introduce you to Sacred Sexuality and the art of Tantra. No matter what your religion or beliefs, Tantric energy is something you can EXPERIENCE in your body, and it is unlike anything you may have experienced before!

I've been dancing in the Tantra/Sacred Sexuality world for a while now… I'm well trained and deeply honored to be of service. i consider my work a calling…

Tantra is an ancient practice that has long held the secrets of deep personal transformation! It calms the nervous system, clears the mind, and re-connects you to yourself~ It can show you how to create authentic and deep connections with the ones you love, experience blissful and lasting pleasure, and master your natural ability to have profound orgasmic experiences...

it helps/heals ED and PE., and deeply heals the trauma and wounding held in the body and nervous system... it fills the empty hole inside... with more of you~

Learning Tantra is a way of stepping into the moment more fully and taking back your life and your power! It is a way home to the innermost self, where the magic lies... You will never be the same~

Whether you're here for learning or pleasure, connecting or healing, I've got you. You're in good hands~

All of you is welcome here~

dana marie~

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Check out our Tantra community links to learn more about Tantra and see what Tantric events are happening in Atlanta…

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