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Praises! ~thank you~

Hey Dana,

I wanted to thank you again for helping me reconnect. Everything you've showed me is doing wonders already. I was actually able to do it lying on my back earlier today! I think the breathing methods are the most helpful tool. I'm looking into your other suggestions as well.

And I'm actually excited about real sex now for the first time since my first time. I feel like I can approach women easier and with so much more confidence now. I'm aware of what's actually possible so I know I'm not bound by my previous limitations. It's like I can feel my life calibrating into the right direction and Dana, I couldn't have gotten here without you. Thank you SO much for showing me the way.


Dana Marie; Thank you, thank you, thank you for a wonderful and delightful Saturday afternoon. You relaxed me, you excited me, and you punched all my buttons. Our cuddling was the best-it was magical! Most importantly, you got me to focus on my inner self. I have a long way to go on that front, but at least you gave me a roadmap. I have this heartfelt desire to help you in some way. Until next time. Your admirer,

And to you too.

Thank you so much for yesterday, I feel completely different and I feel like a light has been switched on inside of me. I slept so deeply last night and woke completely refreshed an ready for the day.

You are amazing.....thank you so very, very much xxx

We go through our lives and accept things as truths from what we are told by others and what we have learned through experience, some of these lessons and experiences have led us to draw conclusions that are far from factual,

What Dana does is show you how to turn off those preconceived notions, unconscious and subconscious things within our psyche that keep us from enjoying life to its fullest, she explains it in a very simple way that instantly makes sense and takes you through the steps with an overwhelming amount of care and patience,

I'm 52 years old and have been through countless psychiatrist, therapist and several hundreds of thousands of dollars of chemicals prescribed to me and self-medication as well, and with one visit to Dana I have unlocked answers that I could never achieve in the traditional forms of improving oneself.

I was never one to believe in the spiritual Realm but I know what works and I know what the facts are for me personally and if you are not in a good place with yourself and physical / mental issues involving enjoyment of life in the deepest personal level, then you need to make an appointment with her, you will not be sorry.

Dana: Thank you for following up with messages today- it was very thoughtful of you. I put a high value on thoughtfulness. Thank you for sharing your wisdom on “presence” with me. I have gotten more out of my day every day since Saturday because of your teachings. Thank you for your lovely touch on Saturday, and for sharing your self with me. I experienced great fire and energy from you which was delightful and greatly pleasing for me. I greatly value the connectivity that we shared, and I hope to experience it again. Fondly


Good morning. It was such a pleasure meeting you too. I will say this, that without knowing what tantra was all about and what I was getting myself into, I came out the other side blissful.

The breathing pattern, the stop, drop and breathe idea and trying to receive and dig deep in my body without my mind was a phenomenal experience which I never had.

There were times where I was getting in my head but the fact that you brought me back to presence is an amazing feeling. I will continue working on this and get better with times.

I will surely email you my progress. And when I am this way, I might take another lesson from you.


Hi Dana. It's been quite a while since I came to see you. The next few days were ... hard to describe. I've never experienced anything like it. I was maybe half way in a trance for 3 days. I'm not a believer in ... Well, in anything. And yet my experience with you was indescribable. It's why I haven't been back (well that and brokeness). I have no words for my visit. I have no words for the following days. It doesn't fit into my "world order". It's freaky and wonderful and I don't know what else, all in one. Can I come see you again? Do you know what happened to me? I'm baffled and a hundred other things all at once. 

You are amazing. I sort of understand what you were saying about you and I being the same inside. You are still more special than I can actually grasp. Be seeing you soon. Maybe just for hugs and one more step on my long journey in the direction of enlightenment (meaning I don't think I have what it takes to really accomplish that.)

Love you in a very special way. Not to worry. It's not the sort of love I can readily explain. Its not the romantic kind that makes me want to marry and have you as mine forever. It's a very different kind. Not a traditional romantic thing. It's all about a reverence for you, what you can teach me, and how you can use whatever you have to make my life better. You may not call it this; you may not think it exists, but you have something which my limited vocabulary is left calling something like a power.

Thank you for being you. 


Thanks for your note. It was great to meet you as well. I appreciate the coaching and insights you shared but more than anything I appreciate your presence during the entire session. It is such a rare thing in life to have another person be totally present with you in the here and now. It was a beautiful experience.

I hope you have safe travels and a great time out West. I look forward to hearing all about it. I will be back! :-)

Take care,


I really enjoyed meeting and spending time with you yesterday. Thank you for being so accommodating and kind. Thank you for the techniques and books you introduced me to. Thank you for the grits. I won't soon forget the experience on my journey for presence and awareness. You are a wonderful teacher and person in general. I look forward to meeting again in the future.

Hello Dana

You are an inspiring being whose life and work bless the world with kindness and compassion. I celebrate the path you are on for it is one that serves the greater good. I found everything on your site to be inspiring and empowering. I hope you realize the depths of your gifts and that by sharing them you change lives for the better. Thank you for all that you are doing. I wish you all the beauty life has to offer.

May you infuse the world with love as your soul blossoms and May you inspire the world with wisdom as your spirit dances. 

Just wanted to let you know that I had a dramatic improvement in the sense of health and wellness after our session. In addition I believe that I found a new creative burst.


This is xxxxxxx. I booked a session with my boyfriend a few days ago now. I just wanted to say thank you for everything. I am buying those books, and I am attending Sex Down South.

Thanks for telling me about that. I was a sex worker in college, and I love sex positive events.

Thank you again!

Hi Dana. I Just want you to know that my session with you was nothing short of inspiring! The passion you display surrounding your craft is just awesome, and left a lasting, very pleasant impression on me. I experienced you as a very authentic person; knowledgeable and skillful with a delightful sense of humor. You are indeed very special, and I'm very grateful for the time you spent with me.

Thank you.

Dear Dana,

Words cannot truly express the incredible experience I had with you this afternoon. From our first e-mail to the time I left your warm home, I felt your warmth, affection, intelligence, feminine humanity and openness. As you described your work and what you would be teaching me and sharing with me, I felt the passion you have for your work and for a tantra-based lifestyle. Our conversation flowed easily and was fascinating to me. It felt as if I had been granted an audience with a genuine guru. Your ability to express yourself and to share the simple joys of present moment living is a wonderful gift.

By the time we got to the touching part of the session, I had already gained a deeper understanding of myself and felt as if your coaching would have an immediate positive impact on my life. But the physical experience of focusing on my breath as you touched me, excited my senses and brought me again and again to the edge was simply amazing. I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to get close and back off as many times as I did. By the time my pleasure exploded, the experience continued for much longer than I usually enjoy and you were present and nurturing and supportive throughout.

Thank you for allowing me to share your space and time. Thank you for sharing your gifts with me.

I look forward to continuing this new journey for myself with you again.




xxxxx and I wanted to thank you for all that you have given us. From the articles to the relaxation exercises and the sexual techniques we feel like it all has helped. We continue to practice and work on all of it. We felt like you were very professional yet personal... We plan on continuing all the exercises and are enjoying them. Thanks again for everything.


I am a male in my fiftys. I discovered Dana in late 2014. I was looking for someone who could help me with PE and teach me about tantra. I was hesitant because one, it is very embarrassing, and two, you're going to be seeing someone who you hope will not judge you and just only care about the money they're making off you.

When I walked through her door on my first session and met her, I quickly started to feel at ease. Dana puts out this "laid back " vibe and that is a very comforting feeling. We sat down and she had me share a bit about myself and what she would like to accomplish in our session. Throughout the massage, Dana would speak in a very pleasant and soft tone on what my body and mind should be doing. Her goals for me, and this applies to probably everyone, "breathe" and " be present".

Fast forward a year later, and I am still seeing Dana. I think the biggest surprise for me is that I enjoy just sitting and talking with her as she counsels me, as much as the massage and practicing what she has taught me. What I have discovered, she genuinely cares about all her clients. You get her undivided attention 100%. She has helped me become a happier and pleasant person to be around. Throughout her counseling, she has helped and is still helping me through: self confidence, anger, happiness, and of course, life. I have been putting into practice was she has been teaching. I am trying to slow down and smell the roses (again). Dana has help remind me what is really important, "being present".

Dana truly loves what she does, teaching and healing people. She is really a student of tantra. Whenever she learned something new, she was always excited and ready to put into practice at the next session. I wish I had discovered her twenty five years ago and maybe I wouldn't be the mess I am today. She helps in undoing the bundle of knots, one at a time, as she continues in helping me heal.

If you are reading this, then you know, you found the hidden gold nugget in Dana, with all the many choices you have to choose from.

Dana is awesome!

There are two types of things in life: events and experiences. An event happens, is over and even though you have a story to tell later you remain pretty much unchanged. Experiences not only give you a story, they have a deeper effect on you – be it a lesson learned or a theory you had being disproved or proved. A session with Dana can be an experience, and not an event. She is willing and able to share the basics of tantra with you – all you have to do is keep an open mind and be willing to try it.

Dana opened the door when I parked and let me into a very nice room that had had a bed, candles lit, and music playing. She requested that I wash my hands and swish some mouthwash around my mouth before we started – a reasonable request in my mind. She then asked me to sit with her on the bed so we could talk. She asked what I knew of tantra and what my goals were for the session. She then walked me through the breathing technique and talked about the need to disconnect the brain and be in the moment with my body. After about a 30 minute discussion, she asked me to disrobe and lay down on the mattress on my stomach.

Starting at the soles my feet, she began what could best be described as an aimed massage. Dana’s hands continually communicated where they were going next so their arrival could be anticipated. She used lots of warmed oil, unscented, so expect to need a shower after before you get dressed...

On the flip, .............. ....each time delivered a lengthy period of full body tingles and shudders. .................... to an orgasm that felt like it lasted at least 5 minutes............ She then laid down beside me and snuggled up to me, then told me to float. I did.

All told it was over 2 hours with the shower and worth the time and the price.

Hey Dana, I'm back from my weekly sojourn & wanted to write a review for you of my recent session with you;

Dana, meeting you was truly a life changing experience for me. The compassion, & love I felt from you was overwhelming, you are a true healer, mystic, Goddess, & teacher. I am now on the path to healing my sexual & sensual nature. I feel so free, so alive, so energized, & that came from just one session with you. You are an amazingly beautiful, sensual woman, inside and out & I feel blessed to have found you. Looking forward to our next session, with Love, xxxxx

Dana, please feel free to use any of the above, but most important of all, I want you to know it came straight from my heart, see you soon, 

Dana, my "Calgon" girl,

Thank you for all your encouragement and caring in trying to help me become happy with myself again. Don't underestimate your talent in helping wounded people. Again, I have learned more from you in my four visits than my entire life from others trying to become happy with myself and life. Today was an awesome session. Thank you for allowing me to reciprocate. Whatever you felt, it has been tenfold to me. You have a way of making me feel relaxed, comfortable and, for the first time in my life, not ashamed of my body or self. I hope you have a great weekend away! Until next time, which by the way, can't be soon enough, wish me luck by putting into practice the tools you have given me.

Breathe... in… out...

Wanted to thank you for the mind blowing experiance yesterday. The most intense experiance I have ever had. If I had the funds I would do it again today!

Hi Dana. I Just want you to know that my session with you was nothing short of inspiring! The passion you display surrounding your craft is just awesome, and left a lasting, very pleasant impression on me. I experienced you as a very authentic person; knowledgeable and skillful with a delightful sense of humor. You are indeed very special, and I'm very grateful for the time you spent with me.

Thank you.

Hi Dana

I am writing this on the plane - going back to xxxxxx. This is not a praise (I will write one when home); it's only what has been in my mind and soul the last days and what I feel I must communicate for my own sake. I don't expert You to answer.

I was deeply captured by Your person, Your philosophy and Your presence. Your mind is beautiful - raw and soft and so alive. Your face, Your eyes, Your ears, Your hand and Your body is full of beauty. I want You to know that I sincerely appreciate how hard You work to get knowledge and wisdom. I only saw Your life for a split second - but I got the feeling that You have overcome many hardships making You both strong and confident. I admire You universal hope for the future -though I not sure I can share it.

I am glad and sad. I am glad and thankful for the moments of great presence and intimacy You allowed me to share with You. Several times I felt a deep peace and times stood still. At other times the shared presence felt very strong - and the moment was filled with joy and pleasure.

I am sad because I have sadness inside me - after all, I think it's the feeling of my rich life approaching it's end……... Still, the moments of closeness, presence and intimacy moved my heart and body to the roots.

Something has happened to me - I am not sure what. I listen to music again and feel more alive.

with love

Hi Dana

This is my praise to You

The magic of Deva Dana:

Do I believe in god? Sometimes I believe I see God in other people. Sometimes I feel God inside me. Sometimes I am sure God is between us. But I have found no faith to explain it. I don't think I need a faith anymore. All I want is to feel the presence of God around me and inside me - as I did with You, Deva Dana. The song and silence of Your presence, the peace and pleasure and the love and laughter that came from You changed my mood and mind and made me come alive again. Deva Dana, a true artist and a genuine healer. I am very grateful and will always keep the memory of Deva Dana in my heart.


Dana, meeting you was truly a life changing experience for me. The compassion, & love I felt from you was overwhelming, you are a true healer, mystic, Goddess, & teacher. I am now on the path to healing my sexual & sensual nature. I feel so free, so alive, so energized, & that came from just one session with you. You are an amazingly beautiful, sensual woman, inside and out & I feel blessed to have found you. Looking forward to our next session, with Love,

I saw you for my second time July 3. It was the most amazing experience I've ever had. I was a ball of nerves when I arrived due to work obliations. My mind was moving 100mph and my jaw was sore from grinding my teeth. It's been an incredibly stressful last few months for me. Within 10 minutes, you had me relaxed (turning down the volume in my head) and feeling as comfortable as I've felt in years.

Your massage was amazing as usual. but you asked if I wanted to try a prostate massage. I've never done that before, and was apprehensive to say the least, but to be honest, I would have said yes to anything you asked at that point. It was different, and I felt my nerves come back for about 3 seconds, but you were absolutely perfect. You are gentle, and reassuring, and your eyes lock into mine and are absolutely mesmerizing. It was an entire body experience that had me like jelly the rest of the day.

Thank you so much for what you do. I cannot wait to see you again.


It was an incredible moment, the one I spent with you. I was out of my brain almost all the time, and your celestial massage, your profound words, the tone of your voice, your silences, the harmonious music in the background, and the noble scents, your fingers, my skin, my muscles, the oils and even the continuous flow of air conditioning, I had one of the highlights of my 37 years spent of this earth..

I can still feel the radiations of my orgasm more than an hour is stunning....:-)

I leave your cute house very inspired and energized and can't thank you enough.

I hope I will see you again soon and in the meantime, I wish you an intense and peaceful flow of happiness and send you a lot of heartfelt love :-)

Hi, Dana,

I just wanted to write to thank you again for our wonderful session on Saturday.

I can honestly say it was like nothing I've ever experienced before and I'm already counting the days until I can see you again.

Your kind, nurturing and sensual spirit shone through from the very first message we exchanged. And it manifested abundantly when we met. Your presence put me at ease immediately and all the things you shared -- physical, mental, emotional and spiritual -- have stayed with me in the days since.

I've been smiling a whole lot!

Thank you once more for what you do, and looking forward to seeing you soon.

Dearest Godess,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for one of the best experiences of my life. You had me on the edge of ecstasy for the longest time before probably the biggest explosion of my life. All the way home I was reliving the intense feelings that are inside my old body and heart. When you were sitting in front of me eating your salad in your beautiful raw nakedness I was lost for words all I wanted to do was wrap my arms around you.....

So till the next time ,

Hi Dana,

Just wanted to let you know that what you gave me is really helping. I have had 2 erections today and the orgasms were really electric. It's been a long time since I've had 2 orgasms in one day.

Dana is perfect! As a first timer I was nervous about the whole experience. I arrived and immediately felt comfortable, safe, and amazingly relaxed. I felt like I'd known her my whole life. What came next was even better. In no time at all my mind was free, I could hear the air, and everything I felt was perfection. Worth every cent!

Hi Dana,

Thank you for the wonderful session of generosity and spirit yesterday and your magnificent empowerment…

I hope that you don't mind me writing you so much. I haven't met someone so impressive in years. Definitely not since the 60's. You have something that very few women have. It is very hard to put in words. Confidence, beauty, and a charismatic personality, depth depth and more depth. I sound like a weirdo but I am just someone totally infatuated. I got lost in your eyes. Eyes are the portal to the soul. I saw purity, sincerity, confidence, and loneliness all at the same time. You are a very special lady. Sorry if I am too forward...

I really look forward to visiting you again for the massage and instruction. I really enjoyed the visit. I can't seem to get you out of my mind. You seemed to be very concerned about my well being. Thanks showing me how beautiful that your mind really is. I don't know how to really describe the experience. Looking into your eyes was like a glimpse into the past, future, and present all in one. The depth of character and purity was shocking. I couldn't tell you this at the time. It was too much for me to try to confront at the time. I hope that you understand what l am trying to express in words. Sometimes words can't come close to describe an experience like this. Thank you for the love. It felt very sincere. You are a very special person, and I can't wait to look into your eyes, or should I say your soul again.

 I really enjoyed our time together today. I'll have sweet dreams until we meet again...

hey Dana!

I had one of the most awakening times with you. It was great I would like to schedule another appointment with you...

Thank you so much for taking my appointment today. What a great experience and Great teacher. Felt like I have known you for forever. Hope you a have a great rest of your day.  

hi - just wanted to say thanks again for today. that was a phenomenal experience. i'm still floating. :)

have a beautiful day...


Thank you so much for the gift you offered me yesterday. I enjoyed your soothing nature and your kind approach to helping me honor your feminine nature. I have much to learn, but the biggest thing I learned in our session was the idea of being present and not rushing, but instead slowing down and to fully absorb what is right before you. I really enjoyed just being near one another and connecting by looking into each others eyes. I felt so comfortable each time you spoke to explain and guide. I look forward to seeing you again and continuing my education in the art you have truly mastered.

Again thank you so much...


I wanted to thank for a very relaxing, enjoyable, sensual, sexy and tasty time. Can't wait until our next meeting. Have a great time in Florida...

...Thank you so much for seeing me.. You could knock me down with a feather.... it was perfect you truly are a goddess thank you thank you thank you...

Hi Dana,

I wanted to thank you for a wonderful experience today. I look forward to seeing you again (and again). You are an old soul and have a beautiful energy.

Thank you for yesterday! It was an incredible experience. and I look forward to spending many more sessions with you. Above all, I feel as if I have found a new friend......

Good Morning Dana,

I want to thank you for sharing your spirit with me yesterday. It was such a very intense, positive experience that I'm still in the glow! I slept better last night night than in a long time and am up this morning with a forward looking attitude.

 Deva Dana, thank you for the peaceful start to the day. I will remember the deep breathing advice for the relaxation and warm feeling it brings. Best regards...

...that was without a doubt the most erotic session i have ever experienced. thank you

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