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What should i do to come prepared?

be well rested

be well hydrated... feel free to eat a light healthy meal a few hours before...

come clean, or take a shower when ya get here

no cologne or perfume please. essential oils are fine~

come with an open mind!

Do you accept debit/credit cards?

yes, through my link at paypal. i also have Venmo and CashAp.

just ask for a link~

Do you 'upgrade'?

No~ i do not offer sexual services... i am not an escort or a massage therapist.

i am here to 'give' you an experience... rather, to show you how to create the experience for yourself using Tantric techniques. Your session can be very sensual or purely professional depending on your needs and our comfort level. there is a lot i can show you about being an amazing lover, but we will NOT be engaging as lovers... i say this up front to be clear~ and, i am delighted to take you on a journey of deep bliss and deep awareness that may rock your world! Tantra is an adventure in consciousness... felt deeply in your body...

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Donations will help me to continue my ongoing Tantra training and education. not to mention a vacation! Thank You!

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